Size Guide

Not sure what size is best for you? check out our sizing guides below with measurements from the clothing manufacturers - if your still not sure then just pop us a message on the contact page and we will do everything to get you the right size!

Helpful hint - if you measure from approx 1 inch under your armpit from armpit to armpit for the width and length is from shoulder to hip.

Infant and Toddler Sizes

Sizing Chart for Baby and Toddler shirt

 Youth Sizes 

sizing chart for youth t-shirt sizes

Rough UK sizings in age are :

YXS (5/6) YS (7/8) YM (9/11) YL (12/13) YXL (14/15)

Adult T-Shirt Sizes

adult t-shirt sizing chart

Rough UK sizings are :

XS (8) S (10/12) M (12/14) L (16) XL (16/18) 2XL (20)

Sweatshirt Sizes

sweatshirt sizing guide

Rough UK sizings are :

XS (8) S (10/12) M (12/14) L (16) XL (16/18) 2XL (20)