Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we have received about our Tee for Two monthly subscriptions : 


What is Tee for Two?

Tee for Two is a monthly subscription service where you receive a t-shirt for you and one with a matching or complimentary design for your little one posted through your door every month. You can skip as many months as you want, change your sizes every month if you need and cancel at any time - all at no additional cost. 


How does it work?

On the day you sign up you pay £25 and your original mama and babe t-shirts are posted out ASAP! If you purchase any additional subscriptions for extra babe's then these shirts will also be posted out at the same time.

On the 10th of the month the next months design is released via email and on the socials.

You have until the 15th (5 days after the new design is released) to amend your account so if you want to skip or change sizes or cancel this must be done by the 15th

Then on the 1st of the following month, if your subscription is still active (you haven't skipped or cancelled) then you are billed your subscription fee.

We then aim to have all of the t-shirts will posted out by the 7th of the month to get you twinning ASAP.

Shipping on the subscription will stay at a flat rate of £2 a month and be free of charge for extra babe subscriptions.


How long am I tied in for?

The short answer is you aren't! If you want to cancel your subscription after one month, you can! Though, just a little request - if you are going to cancel then if you could do it before the 15th of the month that would be amazing! just so we know how many shirts we are making and sending out of the newest design!


What if I have more than one babe?

No problem at all! You can purchase additional subscriptions here for any extra littles that you want to twin with - and as an added bonus, if you purchase two or more additional subscriptions you save 10% on the additional subscriptions. 


What if I need to change sizes?

You can change sizes every month if you need to - if you just log into you Kit and Mama account then you can manage your subscription option from there and amend any details you need to. The t-shirts make a great gift if you have any mama and mini birthdays coming up! 


How does the gift subscription work?

You can purchase a gift subscription for the value of up to 3 months worth. It is a digital gift card that you can send you the lucky mama who you are purchasing for and they can then redeem it on the website and set up the details of their subscription


Can I buy the shirts if I don't subscribe?

Our monthly designs are just for Tee for Two subscribers at the moment however we have got a range of other proud parent attire in our MAMA Shop


What are the sizes actually like?

For adult sizes we stock S-2XL which covers UK sizes 8/10-20 but the shirts are unisex in fit so fairly straight up and down - if you like looser fit then we would recommend that you size up as they do fit true to size.  

For littles we have 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and18-24 months, then kids sizes from 2 years to 5 years and youth sizes S (7/8) ,M (9/11) ,L (12/13) XL (14/15) - there is a size guide here with all of the measurements direct from the t-shirt manufacturers

We try to source the same brand of t-shirt for all of the sizes but unfortunately that isn't always possible so we do out absolute best to source either the closest colours possible or complimentary colours. They will all look like they are made to go together every month!

Because we will occasionally use different brand the sizing might not always appear the same as on your account setting for kids sizings i.e if your babe is 4 years old, one month their shirt might be 4T and the next it might be 4/5 or Youth XS - but it will always be the same/very similar measurements as the size that you have selected on your account. We will always make sure that if its a two size shirt month like 4/5 - that we go for the bigger size so that your little one gets extra wear out of it - for example if your little one is 4, we will go for a 4/5 instead of a 3/4 size.

All of the months sizing information will be communicated in the release email on the 10th of the month and if you have any questions at any point just drop us an email to subscription@kitandmama.com and we will help however we can. 


What if I still have questions?!

If we haven't covered your question then please drop us a message on the contact page, or an email via subscription@kitandmama.com and we will do our very best to get you an answer.